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Security cameras at a CBD store in Massachusetts were recording when a deer crashed through a window and ran through the business before crashing back out through the front door.

Kirby Mastrangelo, owner of the Hempire CBD health and wellness store in Amesbury, said she received a call from the Amesbury Police Department on Wednesday informing her that a deer had run through a back window of the business and broke out through the glass front door.

“I thought it was a prank call,” Mastrangelo told the Newburyport News. “I thought maybe that it was a radio show or something.

“You know, it’s Christmas, and there is a deer coming into my store to go shopping. But then the officer said, ‘Ma’am, this really happened and we will have some people on standby there until you get down here.'”

Mastrangelo reviewed security camera footage and discovered a doe indeed had dashed through the store.

“There’s no animal CBD missing, so she didn’t take anything on her way out,” Mastrangelo said. “But it might have been good for her. It could help her recovery.”

Police said the deer was seen running down a nearby street after escaping from the store.