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A California man said a mother bear and her cub have taken up residence in the crawlspace underneath his home.

Jerry Shutman said he spotted the mother bear and cub digging up plants in his Monrovia yard Monday morning, and he later discovered the cover to the crawlspace under his home had been dislodged.

Shutman said he suspects the bears are building a nest under his home.

“They don’t hibernate in the area, that’s what I’ve been told,” Shutman told KNBC-TV. “I think she’s just going to have a baby.”

Shutman said the bears still were under his house Wednesday.

“I’m worried; they make a mess. They tear up the insulation underneath, I know that’s already happened. And I’m afraid they’re going to tear electrical wires,” he told KCBS-TV.

The homeowner said he asked local wildlife officials for advice, and they recommended putting ammonia-soaked rags by the crawlspace entrance, but rains soon washed the ammonia away.

Shutman said he will ensure the crawlspace is secured as soon as the bears vacate the area.